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Mangan Services

Mangan Inc. Services

Front-End Engineering & Consultation

Mangan provides the up-front engineering and consultation necessary to ensure customer requirements are heard, understood, and properly documented. These efforts result in effective and efficient project implementations as well as compliance with applicable standards and regulations.
  • Feasibility Studies & Standards Development
  • Site Investigations
  • User Requirements Definition
  • Sequence of Operations
  • Functional Specifications & Data Flow Diagrams
  • Bill of Materials and required hardware/component list development
  • Licensing requirements and management
  • Control System Architecture Design
  • Automated Cause & Effect verifications
  • Reverse engineer existing configuration to as-built engineering documentation
  • Functional Safety Engineering (ISA 84 & IEC 61511)
  • Process Safety Assessments/Documentation
  • Alarm Rationalization Audits
  • NFPA 70E Training
  • Electrical Work Safe Practice Assessments
  • Electrical Equipment Lifecycle Management

Power Engineering & Design

Mangan’s Power Distribution staff excels in providing state-of-the-art electrical engineering services to clients throughout the United States.
  • Power Engineering & Design
  • Power System Analyses
  • Arc Flash Mitigation
  • Substation Automation
  • Civil/Structural

I&E Design & Engineering

Mangan’s I&E Design team provides turnkey solutions ranging from Brownfield as-builts for upgrades to ground-up Greenfield design.
  • P&IDs & I/O Definition
  • Control Panel Layout & Design
  • Field Wiring & Loop Drawings
  • Conduit & Cable Schedules

Operational Management Systems & Applications

Mangan’s years of terminaling expertise, continuityTM platform and services, and depth of experience on many other terminal and operation management applications enables our team to deliver both in-house and 3rd Party integrated solutions.
  • Truck, Rail, Marine, Terminal Pipeline, Transloading and Transfer Operations
  • Automated and Manual Reporting
  • Contracts and Invoicing
  • Scheduling and Forecasting
  • Inventory Management
  • Measurement, Control Systems, and Business Systems Integration
  • Current system consultation, assessment, troubleshooting, and support
  • Deployments delivered as integrated solution with control system(s)

DCS, PLC, SIS, SCADA, & HMI Development

Mangan’s control system experts have both the breadth and depth of experience on multiple platforms and systems to design, configure, validate, and effectively implement customer requirements and solutions.
  • Iterative development and testing process
  • Cause & Effect (C&E) Diagram creation
  • Control Narrative development
  • Control system historian capabilities
  • Multi-platform integration services into comprehensive facility system
  • Three-tiered testing: factory acceptance testing, operational testing, site acceptance testing
  • Hardware Procurement & Configuration
  • System Documentation


Mangan delivers multiple levels of prerequisite training to foster and increase end-user adoption of new or upgraded systems, as well as develops and provides the necessary documentation that stays with the end-user after training is completed.
  • Training technical documentation and manuals
  • Pre-commissioning operator, technician, and engineering training execution
  • Simulation for advanced testing

Start-up, Commissioning, & Support

Mangan Start-up & Commissioning support philosophy hinges itself on one primary objective – bridge the gap between engineering and operations.
  • Wiring & loop checks
  • Device setup & configuration
  • DCS/PLC/HMI/Software Point-to-Point & Functional Testing
  • Troubleshooting
  • PID & process tuning

Advanced Process and Regulatory Control

  • Model Predictive Control
  • Plant Rate Processing Management
  • C1/C2, CO2, or C1 Control
  • “Cold Spin” Protection
  • Chiller Efficiency Management
  • Utilizes existing control system

OT Network & Cybersecurity

Mangan Cybersecurity experts provide OT Cybersecurity consulting services and continually research, challenge, and put into place strategies, documentation, and tools to meet regulatory, corporate, or regional mandates for OT cybersecurity.

Mangan has a robust midstream portfolio including Terminals/Tank Farms, Pipeline Assets, and Gas Plants. Examples of some of these projects are outlined in more detail below. In addition to these large capital projects, Mangan routinely engages in minor projects to support facility maintenance, addition or removal of facility equipment, and measurement and proving consultation and support.