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Health and Safety of Employees at Mangan
The health and safety of all persons and property are core values for Mangan. Our objective is to insist upon, and protect the health and safety of Mangan personnel, our clients, their processes, and the community. We actively strive to avoid incidents and losses in the workplace and elsewhere.

To accomplish this, we work with our clients, partners, and subcontractors to build a common health and safety management system for each project. We combine our engineering and technological know-how with sound assessment principles to minimize risks and mitigate any residual consequences.

National Recognition

Mangan’s safety program has been touted as top tier by many industry experts and governing bodies. Consequently, multiple awards and recognitions have been received. These achievements reflects our commitment to improving the overall risk management culture and signals a business acumen that is safer, remains financially viable and performs work with safety as its foremost objective.
Highwire Safety Award- 2023
Colonial Pipeline Circle of Excellence
EHS Today's- America's Safest Companies
30th Annual Houston Safety Excellence Awards

Our Safety Model

Mangan Safety Program

Our Safety Program begins with the understanding of OSHA regulations, client expectations and requirements, as well as employee involvement in solutions to support these. Our employees are continuously involved in shaping Mangan’s safety program through the Safety Committee, surveys, SMART feedback, and random suggestions. Our employees have been involved in all aspects of the program to ensure applicability and workability within the work performed.

Best Safety Management at Mangan

Our safety culture infuses all our endeavors whether internal to the organization or with our external clients. While total buy-in is not always without debate or negotiations, Mangan’s management and executive staff fully the support the safety program, its goals, and objectives. The result of our efforts and involvement is a unified lead-by-example outcome that supports our low incident rate.

Participation in Mangan’s Safety Program

Full participation in Mangan’s Safety program by all employees is the hallmark of our efforts. Ultimately, this creates a safety culture that results in a low injury rate, prevents losses and damage to client assets, and supports the continuous dialogue concerning safe work practices.

Industry Best Safety Record

Our record of safety demonstrates our commitment to the entire team to maintain a safe work environment. Mangan is committed to providing the highest level of safety at the workplace and project sites.

Safety Training

The safety program includes extensive training from onboarding of new employees and throughout their career at Mangan. Understanding that not all work conditions and safety concerns are the same, personnel receive training pertinent to their current work activity. This ensures they are prepared to undertake their work safely. Biweekly safety meetings are also conducted through employee small groups to address subjects relevant to Mangan work activities. In addition, relevant training is provided specific to the employee’s duties such as Lockout / Tagout, Electrical NFPA 70E, and Fall Protection just to name a few.

Personal Audits and Employee Feedback

Mangan’s Safety Management And Responsibility Training (SMART) program is key to our overall program’s success. By utilizing technology as a readily available conduit for communicating hazardous situations, conducting field and personal audits, and remaining current on individual compliance issues, Mangan has developed a just in time approach to safety at all levels.
Safety Management & Responsibility Training
SMART Cards have become a method for information from an employee pool that works across the nation in various environments. Ultimately, our employees become safety expert within their settings and situations. Documenting their activities, the risks associated, and mitigation steps solidifies staff understanding of risks involved. SMART Cards are Mangan’s “Accident Prevention Tool” that has proven effective and successful over the last 15 years.

SMART Journal Entries

Journal entries on SMART Cards provide ‘just-in-time’ assessments of a work environment in all facets that can impact our ability to work safely.

Project Activities

“Electricians’ work is still on hold pending client approval to resume due to one of their electrician’s injured yesterday. This has impacted numerous other contractors’ work, including ours. Always be vigilant and ensure you have the right tool/PPE for the job at hand.”

Personal safety and that of our team is at the forefront of our safety audits.

Work of Others Nearby

“Yesterday I noticed that an electrical contractor was pulling and terminating wires in an energized 208v power panel. They were not using any PPE that would protect them from being electrocuted. I spoke to the folks doing the work and explained how they could be seriously injured and ask them to stop. They stopped and contacted their supervisor.”
Mangan does not view safety as isolated events belonging only to the organization. Our holistic approach ensures everyone goes home safe at the end of a workday.


“Very cold weather, we will be outside often, so we will rotate tasks and try to stay in vehicles as often as possible.”
Our safety program extends beyond personnel concerns to uncontrollable events.


“Open trenches and ice. Be careful when walking”
The SMART Program ensure a continuous and proactive view of the work environment.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Throughout the organization, clear and meaningful objectives for health and safety performance are established, placing an emphasis on tracking key indicators. We measure performance and communicate progress regularly and openly. Managers, supervisors, and employees are held accountable for compliance with our health and safety management systems. We strive to continually improve our health and safety performance.
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
“When the pandemic was declared in March of 2020, we discontinued tracking employee performance throughout the remainder of the year. The shake-up of the pandemic situation to Mangan and our industries and managing this new reality diverted resources. Once we resumed in 2021, we were pleased that the outcome was that most of our employees maintained their participation to support their personal safety and the safety culture of the company regardless of the visual reminders the KPI provides. At the close of 2021, the overall company “grade” was still an ‘A’!”

Employee Recognition

A safety culture must be nurtured to remain viable and pertinent. Mangan believes that safety awareness, proactivity, implementation, and recognition must all work together to make maintain its effective safety posture within the industry. The company therefore recognizes employee participation and behavior as a key component to our safety program success. A points program that can be traded in for gifts emphasizes our commitment.