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Mangan Inc. provides full service Engineering and Automation service for its pipeline clients. Whether it’s a front end loading project or a turnkey new station, our experienced staff is prepared for the task. Engineering and Automation expertise in all industry facilities ensures that the product delivered is of the highest caliber—including Terminal, Injection, Origination, Booster, Take Off, Delivery and Tank Farm systems.



Our Engineering staff consists of registered professional engineers and control systems specialists located across the United States. Expertise in Engineering, Automation, Commissioning and Project Management results in a complete and fully documented design package that meets the requirements of the end user.
Engineering Disciplines Served:

  • Electrical
  • Control System Automation
  • Mechanical
  • Civil
  • Process


Project Management

Mangan Inc. provides a full staff of qualified and certified project managers.
These managers apply industry best practices in addition to recognized strategies from outside management standards institutions to every project. Their extensive experience within a variety of pipeline applications allow them to handle almost any size of project or application. From software development to process mapping—and any engineering project desired—Mangan’s Project Management team will keep projects on track and ensure their correct implementation.


Project Tracking Tools:

  • Remote Client Access
  • Primavera/Expedition
  • Microsoft Project
  • Client Specific Reporting


Enterprise Solutions

Mangan Inc. understands that in today’s global production market, process control systems must be able to efficiently transact data and information with enterprise applications and services. This may be as simple as collecting regulatory data and providing secure data exchange for the information, or integrating a corporate batch scheduling and processing system for product movement and nomination.


Today’s enterprise business systems can provide operations and management with process, performance, and utilization metrics which make for more efficient use of available resources. Mangan Inc. prides itself in being a leader in the integration and bridging of business systems to leading process controls technology. This includes application development and web enablement, data logging and reporting services, manufacturing execution and batch process systems, legacy systems data integration, enterprise data, and reporting services.


Mangan Inc. enterprise application integration professionals come from both enterprise systems and process controls backgrounds to help bridge the divide between the IT and process worlds. Leveraging our knowledge of both environments, Mangan Inc. can help your organization quickly assess and create a powerful strategy to take your process control data and enterprise applications to the next level.


Terminal Management Systems

Our Loading Rack & Terminal Automation Division
Mangan’s Loading Rack and Terminal Automation Division is led by people with years of directly related experience. The Loading Rack and Terminal Automation group has experience with new ground-up loading rack installation and has the ability to deliver a turnkey loading rack integrated with your choice of automation system, as well as multiple preset devices. The loading rack and terminal automation group also has experience with loading rack upgrades ranging from individual to multi-station sites. Whether you want to add a new additive to an existing lane or build a new lane with multiple blending configurations and multiple additives, Mangan’s loading rack and terminal automation group can help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of each type of blending and help you choose the system that will best meet your needs.


Are you having unexplained terminal losses?
Mangan’s Loading Rack and Terminal Automation Group can help. We have helped multiple customers find substantial losses within their facilities. Whether it be theft, accounting or mechanical problems, we can help you find and resolve these issues. We have the experience you need to find the problems quickly and efficiently —and if the problem is mechanical, we can also help you change the design to meet your needs.


Sample Projects

  • Ammonia Separation Project: Separated out Ammonia related controls from Propane & LNG systems encompassed in existing PLCs and HMIs and incorporated them into new hardware and software platforms.
    Services Provided: Control system engineering design, PLC & HMI programming, startup/ commissioning & project management.
  • Terminal & Truck Rack Upgrade: Upgraded and added new tanks to existing Terminal PLCs, converted existing HMI application to new platform, and migrated legacy truck rack control systems to new PLC / HMI based platforms.
    Services Provided: PLC & HMI programming, startup/commissioning & project management.
  • Pipeline Pump Station Upgrades: Upgraded legacy control systems with modern PLC and HMI platforms. Some stations included VFD pump control.
    Services Provided: PLC & HMI programming, startup/commissioning.
  • Mainline Additive Programming: Customized PLC and HMI standard application programs to efficiently operate additive system for crude oil pipelines.
    Services Provided: PLC & HMI programming and commissioning.
  • S88 Batch Tank Farm Management System Migrated legacy systems to a state of the art schedule driven tank farm management system.
    Services Provided: Electrical Engineering, Control System Engineering, Enterprise solutions, and Project Management.
  • Grass Field Turn Key Take Off Station Build a from the ground up delivery take off station.
    Services Provided: Control System Engineering, Electrical Engineering, PLC Programing, HMI Programming, Procurement, Project Management.
  • Multi Year Delivery Station UpgradeM Modular design and programming approach to over 30 take off facilities.
    Services Provided: Initial FEL, PLC Programming, HMI Programming, Project Management, Field cutover and commissioning.
  • Loading Rack Fiber Upgrades Convert existing Terminal loading racks over to a new fiber backbone.
    Services Provided: Initial Field Walkdown, Fiber Layout and Design, Project Management.
  • Automated Ticketing & Proving System Developed a system wide IT based solution for capturing and submitting ticket and proving reports; Enterprise Solutions.
  • Meter Management Project Multi meter bank system designed for increased accuracy in metering and proving.
    Services Provided: PLC Programming, HMI Programming, Process Design, Project Management.