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Barry D. Payne & Associates, Inc.

Barry D. Payne & Associates, Inc. provides unique and highly specialized Engineering and Technical Services in Controls, Automation, Industrial Programming, System Integration, E&I Design, Remote Monitoring, and SCADA Solutions to all sectors of the energy industry to meet our clients’ project goals.

Barry D. Payne & Associates, Inc. has been serving the process industries since 1984. Mangan, Inc. acquired Barry D. Payne & Associates, Inc. in October 2015, where this acquisition complements and enhances overall capabilities to better serve clients of both companies. Partnering of the Barry D. Payne & Associates, Inc. and Mangan Inc. significantly strengthens and broadens the companies’ reach as a provider of Engineering and Automation Services in Midstream Oil & Gas industry.

Headquartered near Houston, Texas, Barry D. Payne & Associates, Inc. provides Process Control and Electrical & Instrumentation consulting and project services throughout the Gulf Coast and Southwest region. Turn-key automation projects have ranged from Alabama to Wyoming, while engineering services are offered in response to our clients needs at both domestic and international locations.

Our Company

Barry D. Payne & Associates, Inc. is committed to the safety of our employees and clients. The safety programs are in place to maintain the safety awareness throughout the life cycle of the project.

The Barry D. Payne & Associates, Inc. Process Control and Systems Engineers bring extensive years of experience to each new project opportunity. Our extensive in-plant experience and control system expertise benefits our Clients with optimum automation solutions to increase annual profits and improve plant reliability and safety.

As a control system integrator, we assist our Clients with equipment selection and project execution on-time and within budget. As process engineers, we believe in developing long-term relationships with our Clients through post-project services that strive for continuous improvement in operations, maintenance, and engineering responsibilities at the plant.

Barry D. Payne & Associates, Inc. can help identify opportunities for control strategy improvement, and maximize the benefit of installed control systems. Our team approach enables each Client to justify process control improvements that achieve plant operating and safety goals.

The Barry D. Payne & Associates, Inc. consulting engineers can assist your team to identify automation improvements today, and continued enhancements to plant operations tomorrow.

Integration Services

Process Control Integration Services from design consultation, through system configuration, to installation.

Barry D. Payne & Associates, Inc. offers Advanced Process Control, System Integration, and Instrument Engineering Services including scope development, consulting, detail design, project execution, and on-going technical support for installed systems.

Control System Expertise and Engineering

DCS / PLC / SIL Rated Control System Integration and Engineering

Multi-Vendor support enhances project execution and system performance

Control Network Implementation and Support

System Architecture administration and change management

System Troubleshooting, Maintenance Training and Demand Support

System performance audits and document management

Cross-platform Engineering and Support

Single-source engineering responsibility for all your Control System needs

Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering and Design Services

Electrical, Instrument, and System installation drawings and design

Full-Scope Installation Services to deliver a complete Control System

Field Device Specification and Data Sheets

Equipment selection from sensors to systems

Project and Procurement Services

Engineering schedules, material procurement, and installation subcontract management

Advanced Process Control Technology and Services

Advanced Regulatory Control Strategies – High performance without the high cost

Designs for Reactors, Distillation, Combustion and other process

In-Plant Loop Tuning and Control Troubleshooting Services

Solving the problems that keep control strategies in Manual

Real-Time Operator Training Simulators

Scenario-based, Hi-Fidelity systems using existing control system equipment or PC/Servers

Process Control Analysis and Process Control Description Development

Development of Cause & Effects, Process Control Narratives, and System Specifications

Cryo Plant Potential

Realize Cryo Plant Hidden Potential and Profits!

Barry D. Payne & Associates, Inc. offers Advanced Regulatory Control strategies designed for multiple platforms that deliver plant improvements with your current controls today!

Rate Processing Management

Automatically adjusts Plant Rate to meet Inlet or Residue Pressure and Processing Volume requirements at lowest practical Tower pressure to maximize recovery. Limiting logic maintains Tower and Recompression conditions at safe levels.

C1/C2 or C1 Composition Control

Advanced control of NGL product composition provides on-spec NGL production day or night, attended or unattended. Strategy utilizes onstream analysis (single or multi-stream), Tower pressure, Expander operating conditions, and several other factors to reduce overstripping losses and Methane give-away. Proven by years of service at several sites.

“Cold Spin” Protection

Cold Separator liquids rate is used to drive a Tower flooding prevention strategy, allowing operations to “push” temperatures colder around the clock. This strategy reduces low recovery operation due to cold spin upset and subsequent warming up, using the JT valve or other means.

Chiller Level Management

Reduces or eliminates Chiller propane “carry-over” due to poor level control during load change, permitting operation at efficient covered tube bundle levels for fuel savings and maximum capacity.


GPPC and GPRC Technology Targets Gas Plant Performance

Barry D. Payne & Associates, Inc. offers Advanced Process Control strategies designed for multiple platforms, that deliver plant improvements with your current controls today!

On Target Solutions include Advanced Gas Processing Control technology that delivers performance comparable to, or better than complex multi-variable control packages. This technology runs in your DCS, or your PLC, or can be scaled down to a Multi-Loop Controller, and requires no host or supervisory computer. Ongoing maintenance costs are significantly less than multi-variable controllers, while the installed cost of BDP On Target Solutions is typically less than 25% of a multi-variable control software application.

In Cryogenic Demethanizers, the controls incorporate two major elements:

  • GPPC – Gas Processing Performance Control – with C1/C2 or C2/C3 Composition Control and Cold Separator temperature control for maximum liquids recovery – combining inputs from an Onstream Analyzer, DeC1 Pressure, Inlet Gas Flow, Expander Outlet Temperature, and Reboiler Duty calculations to yield stable, reliable composition control and recovery from upsets. In a recent paper, the GPPC controller was compared to a multi-variable controller costing in excess of six figures. Standard deviation of the liquid to volume ratio C1/C2 data for the two strategies differed by only 0.15%, even though the total cost of the BDP On Target Solution was less than $20,000.
  • GPRC – Gas Processing Rate Control – with the composition under control, this Capacity Controller manipulates Cryo Processing Pressures and Recompressor Speeds or Recycle valves. It seeks whichever limit (Inlet/Residue Pressure or Treating/Cryo Flow) is currently in effect, while being constrained from lowering Tower Pressure below “Coldspin” or Recompressor limits (Surge, Low Suction Shutdown, or Rod Loading). This results in minimum pressure at any rate, normally maximizing recovery. If fuel costs outweigh Ethane values, the order can be reversed, minimizing Recompressor horsepower at any throughput. The GPRC controller has been utilized to balance parallel Cryo Plants with shared or split recompression, without wasting horsepower on “back-pressure” valves or other means.

Gas Processing Performance Strategies Scalable CryoPlant Control Solutions for Your Current Automation Platform.


GPFrac Technology Targets Gas Plant Performance

Barry D. Payne & Associates, Inc. offers Advanced Process Control strategies designed for multiple platforms that deliver plant improvements with your current system today!

On Target Solutions include Advanced NGL Fractionation Control technology that delivers performance superior to conventional advanced control. This technology runs in your current DCS or PLC, and requires no host or supervisory computer.

Whether your facility operates a single Y-grade (EP mix) splitter, or a multi-tower “Frac” train through DIB and Gasoline, most NGL fractionation processes can benefit from our simple but effective GPFrac strategies.

  • Increase yields of higher-value product and reduce energy costs, or
  • Increase throughput up to equipment limits.

Some or all of the control system-based strategies can be commissioned at a fraction of the cost it takes to actually install the DCS or PLC and field devices.

Product Composition

Integrates chromatographs, Pressure-compensated temperature and models with material balance and separation-based control.
Relaxes control of less-valued product when necessary.

Load Change Management

Feed forward signals are incorporated into decoupled control strategies that smoothly handle upstream disturbances.

Process Limit Controls

Delta P, Product Loss, Reflux, Tower Pressures, Hot Oil System Demand, Refrigeration Load, etc.

Upset Response

Weather effects on Air Condensers; Hot Oil, Refrigeration, or Waste Heat Changes.

The GPFrac strategies have been utilized to automatically keep the plant on target while operators deal with plant upsets such as compressor trips, heater trips, or amine system problems.

Barry D. Payne & Associates, Inc. Gas Processing Performance Strategies Optimize Liquid Product Recovery with Advanced Fractionation Control.