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Refining Industry Automation

Refinery Engineering Services Overview


Refinery Control System Automation
  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
  • Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)
  • PLC, HMI, Historian
  • CEMS and Process Analyzers
  • Inline Blenders
  • Tank Farm Automation
  • Pipeline metering and leak detection
  • PSM/Reliability support – SPI, HAC, Integrity Management, Power Distribution
Over $75,000,000 and 1,000 refinery projects in the last 5 years
Support Engineering – Civil/Structural, Electrical, Mechanical/Piping
Key Local Clients: BP, Chevron, Tesoro, Valero
Long Beach Office: 100 Mangan engineering personnel.


Refining Industry Full Service Engineering & Industrial Automation Services for Refineries

Whether it’s a front end loading project or a fully integrated solution, our experienced staff is prepared for the task. Refinery Engineering Services & Refining Industry Automation expertise in all industry facilities and units ensures that the product delivered is of the highest caliber.

We have a staff of registered professional engineers and control systems specialists located across the United States with expertise in Engineering, Refinery Control System Automation, Commissioning, and Project Management allowing our company to offer a complete and fully documented design package that meets the requirements of the end user.

Engineering Disciplines Served:

Refining Industry Full Service Engineering Services

Project Management

Fully Qualified & Certified Project Managers

Our managers apply industry best practices with recognized strategies from accepted standards to every project. Their extensive experience within a variety of refineries and clients allow them to handle almost any size of project or application. From software development to process mapping—and any engineering project desired—our Project Management team will keep projects on track and ensure their correct implementation.

Project Tracking Tools:

System Upgrade & Migration

Mangan provides Distributed Control Systems (DCS) Upgrade & Migration Services That Minimize Downtime and Maximize Productivity, Safety & Process Planning

As guardians and custodians of our clients’ assets on project and maintenance tasks, we are keenly aware of the risks associated with transitioning from one platform to another. We developed a process to migrate Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) that is both safe and effective with minimized risk.
We build our foundation on the premise that a complete understanding of the operated process systems is necessary to effectively convert controls, networks, or other technologies. Our functional and operational knowledge of Honeywell TDC, Rockwell, Siemens, and other DCS and PLC legacy systems within the refinery world makes us an ideal choice to convert to newer technologies.

A Proven Track Record With:

Safety Systems

Providing Safety Instrumented System (SIS) Services To Refinery Clients

We understand the risks involved in the design of a system that must respond consistently and predictably to potentially hazardous conditions. That’s why we employ a trained staff of highly qualified engineers ready to assess, define, and implement strategies that can protect personnel and client investments.

Personnel Service:


A Comprehensive, Structured & Organized Training Program Ensures Internal & External Expectations Are Met Without Compromising Quality

A full year curriculum of coursework dedicated to the refining industry has been developed with our clients’ goals and objectives in mind including full day classes offered monthly to cover a series of topics.
All training is closely managed to ensure it remains timely, topical and is updated as technology, processes and implementation requirements advance.

Full Day Classes:

Refining Industry Automation Training


Wide Variety of CEMS & Analyzers Services 

Mangan Provides A Variety Of Services For CEMS & Analyzers

Review regulatory requirements, facility survey, technology analysis, complete options review, budgetary scope & schedule, estimate +20%
P & IDs, installation sketches & documentation, data sheets & specifications, DAS specifications, hardware & software quotes, definitive scope & schedule, estimate +10%
Engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning Administration: Daily reporting oversight, coordination of analyzer information, performance management
QA & QC measurement & analysis, daily preventive maintenance, call-out support, re-certification coordination maintenance systems