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Oil & Gas Engineering Solutions

Oil & Gas Process Engineering Services

O&G Automation Engineering with Hybrids

The automation of Oil & Gas Production Facilities has lagged behind chemical and refining. Central control with automated processes is emerging, and the benefits that drove DCS Projects in other industries are being realized. One benefit of the laggard adoption of process controls is the ability now to leapfrog to hybrid control systems with their advanced features and functions, lower costs and smaller footprints.

Advanced Control Capabilities

Built on top of standard hybrids, but employing easy to install advanced control solutions and easy to configure databases and historians, “Level 3” solutions have optimized gas plants and secondary production processes. These have:
Oil and Gas Engineering Solutions

Improved Yields - Oil and Gas Automation

Mangan has employed these Oil and Gas Automation solutions across the country. The returns realized have been characteristic of the early days of refinery automation. The projects struggle to be justified. As soon as they are commissioned the improved process controls in areas not even expected, have provided more than ample benefit to justify the investment. One Operating Company Vice-President stated:

“All of our operators love the new control system. And, we have begun realizing the Automation Project ROI benefits with only the basic process control improvements, increased operating efficiency we had not even counted on! The implementation of advanced controls is still in front of us. The Automation Project has exceeded our expectations.” – Vice-President of Operations, Major Domestic Production Company*