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Chemical Industry Automation

Chemical Industry Engineering Solutions Overview

The Chemical Industry Automation Services heyday is behind us. Plants are faced with external competitive drivers that have forced margins lower than anyone expected. Additionally, to survive it is a requirement that your plant can produce against highly automated competitors.

There are several opportunities for improvement that are so compelling they are attracting some of the scarcely available capital funds.

Hybrid systems deliver lower cost solutions for system obsolescence.

DCS vendors have announced the planned obsolescence of entire platforms. Facilities are faced with the choice to tempt fate or replace systems to guard against unreliable and un-supportable control systems. Fortunately, Hybrid Systems combine the horsepower and capability of traditional DCS systems with the smaller, and more economical footprint of PLC systems. They are quickly populating even the most critical process plants. Specified and defined correctly, these projects can be installed for a fraction of prior DCS projects, re-using most of the new current infrastructure. And, the latest open architectures enable implementation of advanced software solutions, providing at least a measure of return on investment for the projects.

Batch Tools Maximize Profitability

Batch variability and inefficiency are becoming a thing of the past with the advanced capabilities of S88 Batch Engines based control systems. With each batch phase automated and all events recorded, entire production teams can wring out improved O&M savings. Further, with enterprise wide real time reporting, companies with manufacturing plants spread over the country are monitoring production runs as if they were outside the door. The industry standard expectation is predictable production runs that have squeezed out delays and almost eliminated variability.

*Our batch based control systems and the web based enterprise wide PIMS has enabled us to see all product runs and reduce product variance. Eliminating inconsistent batch timing and other phase parameters has reduced batch production time and associated production costs significantly. In one case we delayed the need for a major plant expansion project because we were producing so much more with the current processing configuration. That certainly justified the Batch Project costs.”
Vice-President of a National Specialty Chemical Manufacturer*

Advanced Control and Optimizations are reducing production costs while increasing yields.

Assuming properly instrumented and operated systems are employed, plants are benefiting from systematically defined Optimization Projects (the assumption must be proven to avoid investing in optimizing when results can be acquired from operating existing plants correctly).

One or all of the evolved approaches can be employed with relatively minor investment requirements:

Chemical Industry Process Modeling

Learn more about specific Chemical Industry Engineering Solutions that Mangan, Inc. has developed for the Chemical Industry

Advanced Control and Optimization

Maximize existing operations profitability with minimal capital investment by implementing advanced control and optimization algorithms with our Chemical Industry Process Engineers.