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Cyber Security

Mangan’s latest offering to meet the growing needs of our clients is the introduction of our Industrial Control System Secure by Design (ICSSBD) engineering toolkits and planing mechanisms.  Recognizing that cyber threats are not only on the rise but likely here to stay, we realize the importance and difference within IT and OT cybersecurity needs.  The convergence of the business and manufacturing worlds has necessitated that these be both understood and applied effectively.   Different than many who have addressed cybersecurity concerns with mostly IT folks even on the OT side, Mangan has applied its 26 years experience in controls and systems integration to meet this need.  What has been performed effectively and intuitively for over 20 years as technology needs became available has been transformed into a format that can meet regulatory, compliance, documentation and security needs no matter the complexity.

Our team of cybersecurity experts continually research, challenge and put into place strategies, documentation and tools to meet local, corporate or global requirements for OT cyber security. The recent implementation of the Client Engagement Toolkit and the ICSSBD Risk Analysis Toolkit provides comprehensive integration between the NIST Framework, Energy Sector enhancements, ISA/IEC 62443 implementation strategies, other standards as well as client developed policies and procedures to mitigate risk at all levels.  A valuable element of this toolkit is the ability to identify not only current risks but also to align these with corporate plans, cash flows,  tolerance and planned projects.  The result is the ability to maximize client resources to achieve the greatest impact to systems security both preventive and reactive.