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Company Culture

Mangan Inc. is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Company. Mangan’s Board of Director membership is comprised of a combination of employee representatives, senior management, and external advisors.

Employee Centric
= Client Centric

Employee Centric = Client Centric

It has been shown that there is a 10 to 1 disparity in computer programming productivity. One can only guess that the disparity is control system programming creativity and effectiveness. Our best asset is our staff. This is how we have managed to acquire and retain a team many believe to be the premiere automation services organization.

The Mangan Way

Acquiring Talent

Rule 1: Hire who you know, or who you know, knows

Personal references, industry networks, and a reputation of being a great place to work for those who want an opportunity to excel.

Rule 2: “You can’t tell the frog till you see him jump.”

All employee candidates pass through a probationary period where they kick our tires and see if they like the bus we want them to join. The converse of course is true, as the probationary period is used to see if the skill-sets fit.

Retaining Talent

Rule 3: Brutally Efficient Matrix enthusiasts only

How do you retain top tier talent? Design an organization that grants them authority and corresponding responsibility. All of our Project Managers and Technical Staff have both, by virtue of a matrix approach to organizing that clearly identifies best performers based primarily on client satisfaction. The successful find the opportunity they have been looking for.

Rule 4: Homegrown Management only

Place a low priority on classic management training. Few know what it takes to help clients drive difficult projects to success. Build management from the ranks of those that have lived this, and let them grow the company.

The Result

A Company built from and managed by individuals that have proven they can make client projects successful. They enjoy the steepest career ramp possible, have a company financial plan built around providing them the best commercial package, but most important, recognize that they alone are the reason for success.

That is the Mangan Way.