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Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork™ Bronze System Integrator

Rockwell Automation has a well-established brand and recognition in the industry. To achieve successful outcomes, Rockwell’s end-user customers use Rockwell’s System Integrator program as a way to differentiate between solution delivery companies. A Rockwell Automation System Integrator must demonstrate competencies in technologies and application expertise, sales success, and investment in collaboration with Rockwell Automation.

Inductive Automation Ignition Gold Level Certified Integrator

Gold Level Certified Integrators have one or more persons who have successfully completed the Inductive University training course and the Core and Advanced Gold certification tests for the latest version of Ignition software.

Mangan Inc. Inductive Automation Certification

AVEVA Registered System Integrator

The AVEVA Partner Network is one of the most active and supportive global networks in industrial automation. We’re passionate about bringing communities together to overcome challenges and spark innovative ideas. From strategic technology partners to distributors to systems integrators and more, our network members work together to help our customers turn opportunities into business value.

Operations, Maintenance, and IT leaders need products and solutions that evolve with their operational needs. The AVEVA Partner Network offers a comprehensive repository of industry-specific knowledge and applications integrated with our offerings. Through shared processes and intellectual property, we create market-leading solutions that deliver flexibility, interoperability, and customer value.


Canary Certified Partner Integrator

The Canary Historian provides a highly scalable solution that doesn’t use data interpolation as part of the archive process. Canary has developed a proprietary algorithm that provides best-in-class data compression without every changing the originally logged values. Scalability is possible due to the performance of the Canary System and enterprises can scale quickly without unnecessary overhead. Additionally, the reporting and trending tool Axiom, provides a simple and clean interface that gives your users the ability to create their own automated reports, monitor assets by condition, and the best trending tool available in the marketplace.

Canary Labs Partner List


CSIA Control System Integrator Certification

Validation of Mangan’s efforts to operate professionally and with integrity came in the
form of a certification by the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) in 2010, and again, just recently in 2012.
Today, Mangan is proud to be one of only 93 certified members of the CSIA. To
become a Certified Control System Integrator, Mangan Inc. voluntarily underwent a
rigorous certification process examining general management, human resource
management, marketing, business development and sales management, financial
management, project management, system development lifecycle, overall control
system integration competence, supporting activities, and quality assurance