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Awards & Certifications

Awards & Recognition

Colonial Pipeline Circle of Excellence

Colonial Pipeline Circle of Excellence

Mangan Inc. was selected for the second year in a row as a member of the Colonial Pipeline “Circle of Excellence.” This award is a testament to Mangan’s commitment and dedication to Colonial’s high standard of safety excellence, as demonstrated by our 2022 safety performance. Colonial believes that “Zero is Possible.” As a trusted and reliable partner, Mangan has helped prove that zero is possible.

Highwire Safety Award- 2023

Highwire Safety Award

The world’s most successful builders and owners use the Highwire Partner Elevation Platform to level up contracting partners and deliver great work.  This award reflects Mangan’s commitment to improving risk management culture and signals that the business is safer, more financially viable, performing better work, and winning more business.

If a contracting partner achieves a safety score between 85% – 95%, they receive the Gold Award. A safety score greater than 95% receives the Platinum Award. These awards offer a number of benefits to help elevate your company, drive new business, and potentially save you money. These awards reflect your commitment to improving your risk management culture and signal that your business is safer, more financially viable, performing better work, and winning more business.
Control Engineering Magazine System Integrator

Control Engineering Magazine’s 2012 System Integrator of the Year

Mangan Inc. was named Control Engineering Magazine’s 2012 System Integrator of the Year and recently was inducted into Control Engineering Magazine’s System Integrator Hall of Fame. These prestigious awards recognize excellence performed during the design and implementation of computerized control systems for industrial machinery, manufacturing lines, and other automated facilities and has become a standard from which the automation industry measures quality, integrity, and professionalism – attributes truly embodied within Mangan Inc.
After thorough review, Control Engineering Magazine awarded this high honor to Mangan Inc. for consistent, outstanding performance in all aspects of business operations, including technical competence, business skill, and customer satisfaction. Specifically, the System Integrator of the Year panel of judges were impressed by the 350 full-time, highly-trained employee-owners, that work from Mangan’s nine office locations in California, Colorado, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina and New Hampshire. This coupled with an incredibly sound financial system, a robust HR department, a lengthy repeat-client base, a deeply-ingrained safety culture, and the sheer ability of Mangan Inc. engineers to successfully integrate all aspects of an automation system, from hardware to software, within a client’s facility, weighed heavily in Mangan’s favor.
America’s Safest Companies by EHS Today

America’s Safest Companies by EHS Today

Mangan Inc. is proud to be added to the distinguished list of America’s Safest Companies by EHS Today. EHS Today performs a lengthy selection process and only awards those companies that demonstrate support from management and employee involvement; provide innovative solutions to safety challenges; report injury and illness rates significantly lower than the average for their industries; support comprehensive training programs; believe that prevention of incidents is the cornerstone of the safety process; integrate safety into their corporate culture and communicate the value of safety to employees and customers; and substantiate the benefits of the safety process.

About America’s Safest Companies and EHS Today: America’s Safest Companies was originally founded in 2002 by EHS Today.  Since then, nearly 200 companies have been added to the prestigious list.  EHS Today informs safety, health and industrial hygiene professionals in the manufacturing, construction, and service sectors about trends, management strategies, regulatory news and new products that help them provide safe and healthy work sites.

30th Annual Houston Safety Excellence Awards

30th Annual Houston Safety Excellence Awards

Mangan Inc. is proud to have been named Gold Medal Winner at the 30th Annual Houston Safety Excellence Awards for the category of Small Technical Support Engineering Firm by The Houston Area Safety Council.

Mangan prides itself on being one of the safest engineering contractors in the U.S. This award further emphasizes Mangan’s commitment to encouraging and sustaining a culture where employees and management work as a team, creating an open line of communication concerning safety without fear of reprisal, resulting in a sustained and significant reduction in workplace injuries.

About The Houston Area Safety Council: Established in 1990, the Houston Area Safety Council (HASC) is the steadfast leader in developing innovative and advanced solutions in the areas of training, workforce development, occupational health, industry services and more. With a mission to build safe workplaces by improving the quality and integrity of the workforce, HASC provides training and occupational health services to more than 1,500 people each day. Worldwide outreach is accomplished through multiple satellite locations in the U.S. and the Caribbean that serve 3,000 Member and 12,000 non-member companies with global industry safety solutions.

Third Party Certifications

TXOne Certified Partner

TXOne Certified Systems Integrator

Mangan is a TXOne Certified Systems Integrator, having completed required training on the proper scoping, installation, and support of TXOne products for customer environments. This strategic alliance provides OT cybersecurity services, hardware, and software necessary for comprehensive assessments, protection, detection, recovery, and remediation.

Rockwell Automation Partner Network

Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork™ Bronze System Integrator

Rockwell Automation has a well-established brand and recognition in the industry. To achieve successful outcomes, Rockwell’s end-user customers use Rockwell’s System Integrator program as a way to differentiate between solution delivery companies. A Rockwell Automation System Integrator must demonstrate competencies in technologies and application expertise, sales success, and investment in collaboration with Rockwell Automation.
Inductive Automation Certified Gold Integrators

Inductive Automation Ignition Gold Level Certified Integrator

Gold Level Certified Integrators have one or more persons who have successfully completed the Inductive University training course and the Core and Advanced Gold certification tests for the latest version of Ignition software.
AVEVA Registered System Integrator

AVEVA Registered System Integrator

The AVEVA Partner Network is one of the most active and supportive global networks in industrial automation. We’re passionate about bringing communities together to overcome challenges and spark innovative ideas. From strategic technology partners to distributors to systems integrators and more, our network members work together to help our customers turn opportunities into business value.
Operations, Maintenance, and IT leaders need products and solutions that evolve with their operational needs. The AVEVA Partner Network offers a comprehensive repository of industry-specific knowledge and applications integrated with our offerings. Through shared processes and intellectual property, we create market-leading solutions that deliver flexibility, interoperability, and customer value.
Canary Certified Partner Integrator

Canary Certified Partner Integrator

The Canary Historian provides a highly scalable solution that doesn’t use data interpolation as part of the archive process. Canary has developed a proprietary algorithm that provides best-in-class data compression without every changing the originally logged values. Scalability is possible due to the performance of the Canary System and enterprises can scale quickly without unnecessary overhead. Additionally, the reporting and trending tool Axiom, provides a simple and clean interface that gives your users the ability to create their own automated reports, monitor assets by condition, and the best trending tool available in the marketplace.
Board of Certified Safety Professionals

Over 50 Years of Excellence in Safety Credentialing

The Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP), a not-for-profit corporation headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, has been setting and certifying the technical competency criteria for safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) practitioners since 1969. In that time, over 100,000 BCSP credentials have been achieved by our safety practitioner pioneers, improving safety practice by meeting the challenge of achieving and maintaining quality, accredited safety certification—The Gold Standard.
IHMM Professional Credential

Professional Credentials

IHMM professional credentials are earned and are awarded to verify one’s professional qualifications and competence. Earning an IHMM professional credential attests to a formal process and successful completion of the most demanding and stringent standards of testing and meeting or exceeding knowledge, skills, and abilities of the highest excellence. IHMM credentials provide a trusted measure of professional credibility to employers, the public, and government agencies at all levels. Once earned, the designated letters of one’s credentials are placed after one’s name. Once earned, the bearer joins a unique group of the top 1% of their profession.
Project Management Professional 

Project Management Professional (PMP)®

As the world’s leading authority on project management, PMI created PMP Certification to recognize project managers who have proven they have the skills to successfully manage projects. Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification represents an elite group of project managers. It proves project leadership experience and expertise in any way of working.
Certified Automation Professional

Certified Automation Professional (CAP)

The ISA Certified Automation Professional® (CAP®) certification is a mark of career excellence that affirms your commitment to quality and demonstrates your expertise and knowledge of automation and controls. ISA CAP certification provides you with a non-biased, third-party, objective assessment and confirmation of your skills and expertise as an automation professional.

Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician

Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician

CCENT (Cisco® Certified Entry Networking Technician) certification covers the skills required for entry-level support positions, including basic network.