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Terminal Proving


Loading Rack & Offload Meters
Due to the improved efficiencies of small volume provers a meter can be proven for a single flow rate with under 800 gallons, and an entire rack with six loading arms can be proven in half a day. The number of product offloads is significantly reduced compared to volume metric proving. On single product loading arms the meter can be proven as a truck is loaded.


Why Add a Master Meter?
By adding a master meter in series with the small volume prover we are able to perform two checks on every proving run. The first check is with the small volume prover directly on the loading rack meter. The second check we are also able to use the master meter to check the entire loading rack system. In addition the master meter allows for increased trouble shooting when meter and system problems are found.


Loading Rack Services


Additive Meter Calibration
Additive meters on the loading rack need to be calibrated regularly to assure that the proper amount of additive is being injected into every load. Proper additive concentration is important to meet regulatory requirements, and to minimize over injection due to the high price of additive.


Temperature Probe Calibration
Temperature is the largest factor in the gross to net conversion of product totals. Incorrect temperatures at the loading rack can lead to significant product loss. By the calibrating the temperature probe in situ the entire system is checked as a unit rather than as individual pieces. This lowers the possibility of problems and can reduce uncertainty.


Loading Rack Maintenance Services
Proper maintenance of loading rack components will greatly affect measurement accuracy and loading rack control. Proper tuning and maintenance of control valves will assure proper product shut off and improve blending accuracy. Proper cleaning of strainers helps to minimize the disturbances going into the meter for better measurement.


Pipeline Provings


Ball Prover Calibration
By using the Master meter method to calibrate pipeline ball provers there is no need to drain down the prover or introduce water into the prover. There is no need to flush the prover. It is not necessary to isolate the prover for an extended period of time. Provings can be accomplished within one day in most instances. There is no need to dispose of contact water. The prover is proven at a much higher flow rate than water draw proving limiting the affect of imperfections in the prover lining.


Meter Calibration
Whether it is small pipeline meters or transfer meters frequent provings will help to verify all product volumes.


Terminal Management Systems


Our Loading Rack & Terminal Automation Division
Mangan’s Loading Rack and Terminal Automation Division is led by people with years of directly related experience. The Loading Rack and Terminal Automation group has experience with new ground-up loading rack installation and has the ability to deliver a turnkey loading rack integrated with your choice of automation system, as well as multiple preset devices. The loading rack and terminal automation group also has experience with loading rack upgrades ranging from individual to multi-station sites. Whether you want to add a new additive to an existing lane or build a new lane with multiple blending configurations and multiple additives, Mangan’s loading rack and terminal automation group can help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of each type of blending and help you choose the system that will best meet your needs.


Are you having unexplained terminal losses?
Mangan’s Loading Rack and Terminal Automation Group can help. We have helped multiple customers find substantial losses within their facilities. Whether it be theft, accounting, or mechanical problems, we can help you find and resolve these issues. We have the experience you need to find the problems quickly and efficiently —and if the problem is mechanical, we can also help you change the design to meet your needs.